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Lost In The Fat-Trap

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Lost In The Fat-Trap

By Kelly Jacqueline Ahearn

What I wanted to share with you today is pretty simple. Our bodies thrive on all three basic macronutrients; FAT, CARBS AND PROTEIN which basically means the average Joe needs all three to be healthy. However, it’s important here to take note that some people have rare genetic diseases where they actually benefit from specific diets i.e. ketogenic diets (that consist of mostly fat)…

What I recommend to a client who is trying to get pregnant, or loose weight, is far different from what I would suggest to one of my clients who is a competing Athlete. Although, there is one thing that I do tell absolutely everyone, the importance of REAL FOODS. Here is a list of 6 REAL FOODS that hack the fat-trap and heart your heart:

1) Avocado 

Several studies showed that just one avocado a day as part of a moderate fat diet, lowered small dense LDL (the worse type of cholesterol). No time for avo-toast in the morning? Either way I recommend adding one avocado at meal or snack time and half if you are trying to lose weight.

2) Nuts

It is commonly said that all nuts a super high in fat, but low and behold, a recent Harvard study (well it’s been a few years now) revealed that those who ate about a handful of nuts on a daily basis actually weighed less than those who did not eat any nuts. So nuts are a brilliant source of protein and chock full of vitamins, plus fiber! I suggest using raw or dry roasted Walnuts and/or Almonds to lower bad cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.

3) Dark Chocolate

You heard me, dark chocolate is the way forward. For those of you who haven’t tried it, raw organic cocoa powder rocks! Thank the flavonoids, a super source of antioxidants (also found in coffee beans, for all you coffee buffs) has been associated with reducing the risk of cancer, strokes, and help lower blood pressure.

4) Whole Grains

By whole grains, I actually mean whole-grains. Fiber filled whole grains are oats, bulger, whole wheat flour. Did you know, that if you simply increase your fiber intake (3 or more grams per serving) it helps attack cholesterol and rid it from your system. Just FYI, if you are increasing your fiber, drink plenty of water to keep your system in check otherwise you may just have the opposite effect of regularity.

5) Fruits and Veggies

Just dig in! Studies suggest that veggies and fruits truly heart your heart (particularly green leafy vegetables), as they significantly lower risk of CHD. In fact, just one serving a day can reduce risk by 11%!

 6) Salmon

Salmon is said to be one of the best forms of omega-3 fatty acids out there. Widely considered as a dietary ‘essential’, countless case studies vouch for its exemplary benefits.

  • Helps decrease inflammation in our bodies
  • Great for your memory, its actually considered a brain food
  • Lowers triglycerides (fat in our blood, or blood lipid)
  • Supports lowering blood pressure
  • Rich source of all the Vitamin B’s (thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid.)
  • Loaded with selenium which is amazing for bone health, supports thyroid function and even help reduce the risk of cancer.

So I’m going to leave you with this; what is good for the heart, is good for the brain, which in turn is good for the mind (…take a second to think about it).


*Dr. Kelly Jacqueline Ahearn, MS RDN CDN is the owner of Indigenous Nutritionist, a private practice and consulting startup based in NYC.



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