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This Week in Lahore, Islamabad & Karachi

6th – 10th November 2017


Find the best things to do in Pakistan this week with our guide to what’s on and what to do in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

LAHORE 6th-10th November 2017

ART: Gardenscape – A solo exhibition by Atif Khan at Taseer Art Gallery

  • Overview: Printmaker extraordinaire Atif Khan debut’s his work in Lahore, escape into his Gardenscape this week only at Taseer Art Gallery
  • When: Wednesday 8th– 17th Nov 2017 (5pm-8pm)
  • Where:  Taseer Art Gallery Lahore – more details can be found here.

TRAVEl: 3 Days Trip to Naran, Babusar & Shogran

  • Overview: For those of you who love to travel and serious adventurers alike, this is one expedition you don’t want to miss. With winter upon us, this is one of the last trips up north for you to escape to be mesmerized by all that is beautiful in Pakistan.
  • When: 9th– 12th Nov 2017
  • Where: Organized by the Wanderers the coach departs from Gulberg, Lahore – more details can be found here.

STYLE: Exhibition of Charme by So Kamal – Formals

  • Overview: Charme by So Kamal is showcasing its all-new FORMAL range at Cosa Nostra, pop in and check out their well-priced collection and stock up on some well-needed seasonal essentials.
  • When: 8th Nov 2017 (3.30pm -6.30pm)
  • Where: Cosa Nostra Lahore – organised by  So Kamal – more details can be found here.

THEATRE: Lend Me A Tenor – by LGS Model Town

  • Overview: A theatrical performance by Lahore Grammar School 137-E Model Town Branch in collaboration with Independent Theatre Pakistan. If you’re looking for a mid-week giggle, you’re in for a barrel of laughs!
  • When: 8th Nov 2017 (2pm -5pm)
  • Where: Ali Institute of Education – More details can be found here.

INNOVATE: Techstars Global Startup Weekend Lahore

  • Overview: Global Startup Weekend is the largest entrepreneurial network in the world where you meet entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors in your local community. Sign up to attend as the event aims to provide a platform for young entrepreneurs to do what they love most.
  • When: 10th – 12 Nov 2017 (4pm -10pm)
  • Where:  Startup Weekend Lahore – at LUMS More details can be found here.

ISLAMABAD 6th-10th November 2017

INNOVATE: Startup Grind with Mark Turrell (Vork & Orcasci)

ART: Tohoku-Through the Eyes of Japanese Photographers

  • Overview: Tohoku is a region in the northeastern part of the island of Honshu, the largest island of the Japanese archipelago. This exhibition marks the anniversary of the devastating earthquake in 2011 by showcasing nine photographers who belong to different generations of Tohokua to share visuals of the lost region.
  • When: 8th – 21st Nov 2017
  • Where:  Hosted by Japan Embassy PK  – at Pakistan National Council of the Arts -PNC – More details can be found here

COMMUNITY: Muniba Mazari’s Talk  Women’s Health Awareness 

  • Overview: Take responsibility for your health and check out this women’s only talk by the amazing Muniba Mazari.
  • When: 8th – 21st Nov 2017
  • Where:  Hosted by Szabist Social Sciences Society – Islamabad  – More details can be found here

STYE: Asifa & Nabeel Bridal and Formal Exhibition

  • Overview: With wedding season upon us, it seems as though one can never have one outfit too many! Check out Asifa & Nabeel Collection for some timeless additions for your wardrobe.
  • When: 8th Nov 2017 (2pm – 8pm)
  • Where: Mélange Islamabad. – More details can be found here.

KARACHI 6th-10th November 2017

ART: Loompaland Art Showcase

  • Overview: Curated by Rabia Ali, an artistic interpretation of the concept Fictitious World is the act of creating something imaginary: a fabrication of the human mind. Participating artists: Anum Lasharie | Maryam Arslan | Safwan Subzwari |Sophia Balagamwala
  • When: 7th Nov 2017 (5pm – 9pm)
  • Where: by Studio Seven – More details can be found here.

HEALTH & WELLBEING: MX360 – Weight Loss & Fitness Program 

  • Overview: MX360 is focused on complete fitness. This programme has been developed to help fat loss, muscular endurance and conditioning while also improving strength.
    This is an indoor class, 4 days a week and is perfect to get you started on your health and wellbeing journey.
  • When: 8th Nov 2017 (12.45pm – 1.45pm)
  • Where: Velocity X – More details can be found here.

MUSIC: Salt Soirée 18 Ft. Mirage

  • Overview: Salt Arts, once again, presents Salt Soirée 18 Ft. Mirage. A night filled with dinner, dance and popular musical covers!
  • When: 8th Nov 2017 (9pm – 11pm)
  • Where: by Salt Arts – More details can be found here.

STYLE: BLOCK SEVEN Autumn Exhibition

  • Overview: BLOCK SEVEN comes to Karachi on the 8th and 9th of October at Ellemint Pret with the very latest trends in western clothing and jewellery for women. Silk and georgette tops, cotton button downs, chiffon blouses, jersey knitwear, matching separates, jackets, accessories and so much more.
  • When: 8th-9th Nov 2017 (12pm-8.30pm)
  • Where: by Ellémint|P R Ê T and Block Seven – More details can be found here

GAMES: Game Night – Ludo Challenge

  • Overview: For all our fellow gaming compadres, We’re loving the return of retro Ludo as the latest gaming fad! are you interested to show off your skills and become Lahore’s Leading Ludo champion? Then this game night is for you, the winner even gets to take home a trophy! (and you might just see us there!)
  • When: 10th Nov 2017
  • Where: by British Council Pakistan – More details can be found here

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