The Return of The Barber Shop

N-Gents Karachi

Men’s Grooming Essentials

By Saad Zaidi

A picture is worth a thousand words, or perhaps a thousand ‘likes’ for you information age babies. Whether it comes down to having a well-kept appearance for a job interview or a nice-looking selfie for your Facebook and Instagram profile, there is a lot to be said about men’s ‘grooming’, and the barber shop is where it all began.

I remember, as a child, religiously accompanying my father for his bi-weekly haircut. Walking in, I would immediately take in the sight of familiar faces, light banter and chit chat in remote corners of the shop, and the distinct aromas of barbicides, creams, and pomades. The regular clients and barbers all knew me by name, their given name. “Chohtay Shah Sahab” they liked to call me (because of my resemblance to my father), as they ushered into the finest seat in the house. I felt like a prince, sinking into that supple leather armchair, at ease amongst gentleman. Men that represented tradition, good moral character and etiquette. In hindsight, I now understand the motive behind those trips, because to be amongst gentleman inspires one to better.

As I walked into N-Gents, all those memories came rushing back. The ‘cut and straight shave’ was unlike anything I had experienced before in Pakistan, but what struck me the most was how personal the experience was. The barbers reminiscent of a time long gone. A gentleman’s escape, a place to unwind, and experience executive grooming at its finest. 

Now, these barber chairs (unlike my long lost throne) fully recline, I order a cigar, sit back and read the paper while my barber gives me my trim. N-Gents offer a multitude of grooming solutions fit for the modern day man, whilst keeping the essence and tradition of the ‘barber shop’ alive. 

Whatever your schedule,  I would suggest you grab your boys and head over to N-Gents for some great R&R and then pop into Xander’s for brunch. You might just see me there, but you can thank me later.

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