The ‘IT’ Pakistani Jewellery Designer You Need To Know

We’ve fallen headover-heels for this jewellery designer, who’s paved the way for contemporary luxury jewellery in Pakistan. Zohra Rahman discovered her passion of jewellery design at London’s Central St. Martin’s before returning to her hometown for the launch of her self-titled label in 2014.

Zohra’s inspiring design attitude and ethos is a thought-provoking imprint, not only for the buyer but the beholder. Naturally, every piece is meticulously handcrafted at the brand’s Lahore studio. It’s no wonder she’s making waves internationally. Her statement-making artisanal accessories have been featured in Vogue, Elle, and Interview magazine.

Entwined in heritage and biting style statements, these are  Zohra Rahman must haves:

1) Memo Collection – Paperclip Bracelet

An expression of purist design, memo transforms an ordinary paperclip into objects of beauty, meant solely for the purpose decoration and adornment. The first look is deceptive; the lines of the clip are abstracted, its function removed. Meticulously crafted from solid sterling silver, the paperclip is stretched, bent, pulled and manipulated into a resplendent range of curb chains, earrings and rings.


2) Urdu Stencil Signet Rings – Be Silver Ring

The Stencil Signet Ring collection presents a fresh and modern expression of local urban culture, affording even greater creativity for its wearer and their unique expression. Individually cut, forged and polished by hand, all forty letters of the Urdu script have been delicately rendered into single sheets of sterling silver. Letters can be mixed and matched and worn in combination to spell names, personal mottos or express attitudes in ways at once playful and traditional.


3) Unsent Letters Collection – Waves Earrings

Ripped pieces of silver and gold pages form the collection ‘Unsent Letters’. The collection is a rumination upon that which is kept reserved within us. All pieces are individually handmade and hand engraved to imitate and illustrate the words which could have been spoken, the letters which could have been written and the correspondences which could have been sent.


4) Moenjodaro Collection – Malachite Ring

This collection is based on four elemental personalities in a place called ‘Moenjodaro.’ There is the Hunter, the Builder, the Vandal and the Charmer. Each has its own spirit that is captured by symbolism resulting in a totemistic collection of jewellery. Featured forms are traditional tiger claws, steps, snakes, and even scribbles. The shapes are primitive like the name suggests but envisaged in a modern setting.


Each piece is unique and crafted in-house using traditional techniques at the Zohra Rahman Studio.

  • Price: PKR 5,000/- to PKR 92,000/-
  • Available at: Generation Store, Gulberg, Lahore.
  • For more info check out | @zohra_rahman

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