10 Things You Need To Know About Pakistani Designer Kamiar Rokni

10 Things You Need To Know About Pakistani Designer Kamiar Rokni

From Bahawalpur via Pakistani and Persian descent, designer Kamiar Rokni personifies a story of hard work, skill, and tradition – values that are translated into the meticulous detail and stylings of his designs. A firm fixture in many walk-in wardrobes around the world, The House of Kamiar Rokni is a name recognized instantly by urban ‘It girls’ and fashion vanguards alike.

But how much do you actually know about the designer himself, his inspirations, and why he fell in love with fashion in the first place? Here, the man behind The House of Kamiar Rokni shares ten things you should know about him and his brand with 1947 Entertainment & Lifestyle.

1. Studio Life
Has a family vibe as I work with my cousins Tia and Rehan, there is constant chatter and an exchange of ideas. The team at the House of Kamiar Rokni is mostly girls who are sweet and driven. The vibe is unpretentious, no unnecessary drama, the energy always positive. Besides seeing clients at the studio, we also have our research and development cell there, so we are constantly working on something new. This keeps us excited and awake in terms of design and creativity.
2. Origin Story
My father is from Iran and my mother is from Bahawalpur in south Punjab. Growing up in the sleepy 80’s of Bahawalpur I spent a lot of time at the farm in nature with animals, horses, dogs and my childhood obsessions goats! I come from a creative tribe, my grandmother could be called a glamorous early “hippy” who combined lady like pretty chiffon saris with bold tribal jewellery. My mother is a tomboy who was a mostly on a horse when I was a kid. These women and many others in my family have shaped my aesthetic and style. It was a great rural upbringing where you had to amuse yourself and develop interests.

3. The HKR Woman
Is elegant and modern but embraces her culture and identity. She is bold but relaxed, which makes her stand out where ever she is. She has many interests in life and is constantly curious about the world we live in.
4. Design Philosophy
Our philosophy is to embrace art, culture and imagination, to create clothing that uses local craft and tradition in a modern way. We are heritage with a twist. The aim is to create clothes so precious and memorable that they are passed down from generation to generation like jewellery.
5. Journey  
It’s a profession that chose me. I always wanted to make clothes since I was a little kid. I had a bunch of barbies with some killer outfits that I had concocted. Being creative in my family is no big deal. Everybody paints or writes. My aunt Nina makes fabulous furniture in Karachi, my cousin Maha Khan Philips just published her second book, my mother and uncle paint, my grand uncle Mohamad Khalid Akhtar’s famous novel has just been translated into English titled ‘Love in Chakiwara’. So, as I said its a creative tribe and nobody batted an eyelid when I said I wanted to be a fashion designer.
6. Signature Phrase
Gosh, I have so many phrases! Some printable some not. I often describe my self as “as shallow as the kiddie pool”, someones bad blonde dye job will be described as “that hair looks infected”, and everything (or one) I don’t like are often described as “frighters”.
7. Significant Moment
I can never remember the significant moments. I believe one keeps on evolving and learning along the way. Although, the first time someone close to you dies… that does change your view on life and morality. A serious betrayal professional or personal can teach you a lot. But winging and complaining is a no-no in my books.
8. Muse
My childhood Best friend Maleeha Naipaul is my main muse but I am inspired by most intelligent, funny, elegant women who have a sense of ease and individuality. I love the poise of the artist Risham Syed, I love the minimalism of Zara Khan, the glamour of Sabene Saigol, the irreverent femininity of Sanam Taseer the charm and taste of Ghazala Rahman the intelligence and wit of Kamila Shamsie. All these women amongst others inspire me! Also, if I ever met Cate Blanchet I might just faint.
9. In-The-Know
Things that nobody knows, should mostly remain that way. Otherwise, why would they be secret? However, I can be terribly uncool and am obsessed with Celine Dion who apparently is cool now.
10. Today
I am always working on something new. But right now I am working with Jalal Salahuddin on the Magnum party as a show director for the first time, and I am also going to Prague to represent Pakistani fashion at a celebration for Pakistans 70 years of independence. In fact, I have to go pack now… so goodbye! X
To learn more about The House of Kamiar Rokni and the team, click here.

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