Must-Have Meal: Burger105

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Meal Of The Week With Burger105

Burger105 has become the talk of the town with their delicious, chargrilled burgers. They also made our top 9 list of must have burgers across the country. Admittedly, we’ve had a pretty gluttonous week in the office; with flavours that don’t disappoint and too good to be true price points, we were hooked.

We considered it only our obligation, to share Burger105’s gourmet ‘Real Deals’ with you for three reasons;

1) It’s yummy

2) It’s yummy and the prices are amazing

3) To reduce your guilt (be it our own), we’ll post a review next week on where to get the Best Salads in town. Cool?

It’s Friday, check out the deals below and treat yo self.

Burger105’s Real Deals (Valid till 31 August)

Too Real – For 2

  • Buy any 2 burgers
  • *Get 2 fries + 2 drinks + 1 garlic mayo FREE
  • for just Rs 1299

 For Real Meal Deal – For 4

  • Buy any 3 meals
  • *Get 1 meal + 2 garlic mayo FREE
  • for just Rs 2499
Eat Real Meal Deal – For 8


  • Buy any 6 meals
  • *Get 2 meals + 3 garlic mayo FREE
  • for just Rs 4799

Check out Burger105’s FB page here or simply call 0322-7105105 for home delivery between 7pm-12am and till 1am on Friday & Saturday.

*limited to Lahore, Pakistan only.

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