Cybil’s Favourite on-the-go Eats in Karachi

Cybil’s Favourite on-the-go Eats in Karachi

We know Cybil Chowdhry for her captivating beauty, on and off the runway. Although, what we bet you didn’t know is, that this babe has some serious culinary skills and loves to cook for family and friends whenever she gets a moment (her mouth-watering, crispy skinned roast chicken definitely deserves mentioned, sublime!). So, we decided to catch up with our favourite model, mum and fellow foodie Cybil, to find out the best spots for a girl on-the-go to grab a bite to eat in Karachi.

Here are a few of her firm favourite dishes and noteworthy restaurants;

  1. Okra: I love going to their mainly with my Karachi girlfriends, it has the perfect ambiance for a quick scrumptious bite and good catch up. Their appetisers are a force to be reckoned with, particularly the slow roasted garlic and freshly baked bread. I simply adore how they do their fish, always cooked to perfection!

  2. Ginsoy: If you haven’t had this you’re totally missing out, the hot and sour soup is what I call ‘soul soup’ just delicious! I’m totally obsessed with the cherry chicken and orange chicken. I may be slightly biased as my cousin started the Ginsoy restaurant in Karachi, but my trip would be incomplete without it getting my regular Ginsoy fix.

  3. Xander’s: Hands down my favourite go-to for breakfast! Every time I’m in Karachi for work and getting dolled up at Nabila’s salon for a shoot, I order over from Xander’s, usually a crisp chicken salad or the smoked salmon breakfast hits the spot. Yum.

  4. Sakura: Another all-time fave! Love the spicy salad, the miso soup, edamame and the spicy tuna rolls! We end up spending a lot of time at the Pearl Continental, due to the many fashion shows held there. So, whether it be before, during rehearsal or even after the show, we can count on Sakura to get our sushi-fill!

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