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Pakistani Cinema – An Industry Rising

Punjab Nahi Joingee just changed the game.

Pakistani Cinema – An Industry Rising | Punjab Nahi Joingee just changed the game.

The United Kingdom may have been the 2nd largest overseas market for Indian films. Until this happened.

Baadshaho (Ajay Devgn and Emraan Hashmi film) was expected to do rather well over the Eid weekend, given its star cast. Yet pulled just GBP 32,575 (45 lacs) on its opening day.

Meanwhile, Humayun Saeed’s “Punjab Nahi Joingee” hauled in a staggering GDP 81,565 (approx. 1.14cr) basically grossing almost three times over its obvious competitor on the day.

The overall 5-day breakdown from the overseas and domestic market sums up to a whopping 18.03cr, truly marks a milestone in how far Pakistani Cinema has come and deserves to be celebrated.

With enormous progress being made, it is a shame that we have so few cinema screens in Pakistan (approx. 99). Which makes it rather difficult for local films to recover their investment. Developments much like this, merit mention. Why? because films need channels of distribution, it demands an infrastructure for growth and proves true, as to why the investment is needed.

A win for Humayun Saeed and the brilliant cast of Punjab Nahi Joingee! But a triumph for Pakistan. Film makers, writers, actors, musicians, artists and designers alike, are all a part of an Industry Rising.

In the meantime, our films finding screen space abroad and performing exceptionally well is probably the best news we’ve had since Pakistan won the Champions Trophy this year, especially because we didn’t see either of them coming.


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