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11 Must-See Art Galleries in Pakistan

Pakistan’s glorious art scene offers a perfect palette of creativity for art aficionados and artists alike.

Naturally, our rich cultural heritage is significantly influential. Yet, it is important to note that Pakistan has always been abundantly lush in the genere of contemporary artists and for that very reason, we decided to highlight some of Pakistan’s most brilliant and inspiring art galleries…

By Anum Lashari

1. Koel Art gallery, Karachi

Koel has a stunning display space not for just exhibiting visual artists but also Designers and Craftsmen. As a destination, it’s a platform that bridges the gap between the art world and fine craftsmanship which is lovely to experince. The courtyard is worth a visit, pop in and enjoy a yummy cup of tea under the champa tree. Koel gets full points on their captivating venue and beautiful display space, where works of art become one with nature.


2. Sanat Initiative, Karachi

Founded in early 2014, Sanat Initiative aims to explore the relationship between art, artists and society through active partnerships with curators, galleries, art fairs and museums worldwide!

Sanat Gallery fuels its artists with a different philosophy, with somewhat of an out of the box approach. At Sanat they aim at promoting experimental and innovative streams of thought in art. It’s that vertically integrated vision inspired, the Sanat Residencies which are one of the first art residencies in Pakistan.


3. Faraar at T2F, Karachi

Faraar, a PeaceNiche project, is a visual arts and new media playground for artists, photographers and designers. Faraar was set up to showcase the work of emerging artists across a broad spectrum of genres. They are interested in compelling themes that raise questions and create opportunities for conversation and debate. They also have lots fun activities such as, regular artist talks and group critique sessions. Another quirky perk and reason to visit T2F is their charming little library and intriguing art shop.


4. Canvas Art Gallery, Karachi

Canvas Art Gallery is an excellent destination for those looking to discover more about the current state of Pakistani art. Alongside their permanent collection, each month Canvas Art also presents two exhibitions. This Gallery has developed an outstanding reputation in a very short time and not just locally but also internationally.


5. Taseer art Gallery, Lahore

Taseer Art Gallery is a striking beautiful space in Lahore. TAG is one of the most active galleries of the city, regularly showcasing young, upcoming talent, sometimes as often as twice a month! This art gallery serves innovative artists, a space where aesthetic art forecasts are felt. A bespoke fit for a city such as Lahore.

6. Rohtas 2, Lahore

Rohtas 2 was formed by the renowned artist and art educator Salima Hashmi. Who better to select young artists than a distinguished artist like her. The space is warm, inviting with a touch of old-world Lahori romance. After viewing the exceptional art pieces on display. Take a tour of the garden and take in all this space has to offer.


7. Zahoor ul Akhlaq Gallery, Lahore

Zahoor ul Akhlaq Gallery is located inside the most reputable art colleges in the country, National College of Arts. A spectacular feature of this gallery are its original skylights and arches amongst many Mughal architectural delights. The gallery enjoys promoting all genres of art, displaying works of many artists from across the country. Being that the gallery is part of the NCA, its purpose is beyond providing artwork to the public, but educating students by experiencing the work of artists (realtime).


8. Ejaz Art Gallery, Lahore

The founder of Ejaz Galleries commandeered his life in the art world by opening a once very small framing store by the name of Framer. His passion for the Arts has brought him to a point where Ejaz Galleries are now one of the most recognised art promoters in the country.


9. Khaas Art Gallery, Islamabad

Khaas art gallery believes in the growth of a society through art and culture. The gallery has grown in the past couple of years not just because of the passion for art, but also through an enduring belief in the positive impact of art and culture on a society and its people.


10. Satrang Gallery, Islamabad

Satrang Gallery is part of SerenArts, an initiative of the Serena Hotels and is located inside the Serena hotel in Islamabad. Satrang Gallery is dedicated to supporting and promoting Pakistani arts and artisans, particularly young contemporary artists. It is one of the most active galleries in Islamabad so if ever in Islamabad do drop by to see some art work by upcoming contemporary artists.


11. The Paint Bucket Gallery, Online/Lahore

The Paint Bucket Gallery started off as an online gallery a few years ago and has rapidly grown since into a physical gallery in Lahore. Inspired on the premise that art should be affordable and accessible to all. The well known gallery provides emerging artists a platform to share their work locally as well as well as with the international art community.



This was just a starting point, a mere introduction to the many galleries, studios and shows happening across the country. With an art scene worth keeping an eye on, we hope to be able to continue to share the very best of what’s happening in Pakistan.

Until next time.


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