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11 art pieces that rocked our world from the NCA degree show 2018

11 Art Pieces That Rocked Our World From The NCA Degree Show 2018

By Anum Lasharie

The NCA degree show is a spectacle of talent for art lovers across the country, as the exceptionally talented graduates of NCA manage to amaze us year after year. whilst the Department of Fine Arts covers four majors; painting, printmaking sculpture and miniature painting, we’ve selected 11 art pieces that rocked our world from the 2018 fine art degree show.

1) Fizza Hussain

Title: Bearing what once was I
Medium: Gouache and Graphite on Wasli
Size: 20.5 x 13 inches

Fizza Hussain’s gouache on wasli is wrapped in the feeling of uncertainty and ambiguity. Fizza says “we spend our lives investing and getting to know. From our birth to the day we die, we are constantly seeking and at times finding. Then how come we get lost so easily? We lose the way of our being, the way nature intended us to be. We lose the essence of the purity that we are born with as we grow up. Our shadow feeds off of the negativity that pulses and engulfs. And the innocence is lost. I create the scape of that, which is lost to me”.

2) Aliha Ahmed Qureshi

Title: “Festering Wounds and Abnormal Growths”

Medium: Mix Media with Gauche on Wasli

Size: 7 x 5 inches

Aliha Ahmed’s paintings are a comment on the tradition of miniature painting.  The work makes excellent use of traditional formats, elaborate borders, flowery frames, and the unexpected inclusion of wounds, body organs, blood and hair in her miniature paintings represent elements of human presence but with a different and private painful point of view. With a subjective approach, Aliha is painting the idea of a festering wound and an abnormal growth while using the traditional reference of a visual encased inside the border. “My paintings are self-portraits of sorts since I personalized the border and the vocabulary within” says Aliha.

3) Ali Shariq

Title: When the cloud is broken through, you are lost in it.

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 4×6 Feet / 4×6 inches (diptych)

Ali Shariq’s paintings talk about the act of creating and viewing art. His work refers to the necessity to create art and the concepts of originality and reproduction. His cloud piece which includes a large realistically painted cloud hovering in nothingness right next to a tiny canvas with a pixelated version of the same; this work deals with distance, difference and division of visual and verbal vocabularies.

4) Sabeen Ahsan

Title: Fig. II

Medium: Gouache on paper

Size: 6 x 4 feet

Through this creative act Sabeen aims to liberate her thoughts, language and human experience from the boundaries of rationalism, reaching a transitional field that delves into subconscious territories. It is a dialogue between her and the first step of the act of creating, where her interest lies in the process rather than the end result. The elements of chance and intuition are integral in her process of building layers using gouache and charcoal. Emerging on the physical plane are abstract forms exploring tone, space, movement and texture depicting visually the growth of various internal narratives.

5) Sehrish Mustafa

Title: Remains of the day

Medium: Mix media on glass

Size: 15 x 18 inches

Examining the intrinsic worth of what remains and a device of fragmentation, Shehrish’s concerns are a continuation of what has been eroded.  Unveiling the lost and the found, the inner and the outer, these living illusions tell a deeper and a profound tale of their existence. Sensual explosions of the intricate memories of the discomfort, the denied and the eroded that seek to retain what they once were within these glass pieces.

Shehrish says “The character of my work seeks to revolve around exploring the animate tendencies of the human mind and its association that are disregarded.”

6) Hajira Ahmed

Title: Tarekat (vii)

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 4 x 6 feet

Hajira Ahmed’s work sensibly showcases details of shrines of saints, the devotees that visit and the purity of light that adds to the sense of devotion and spirituality in our culture and community.  The intention is to capture the aura and spirit which can be felt by a believer when visiting a site of such religious importance. The atmosphere of the collective spiritual energy is the pivotal point of interest for Hajira.

7) Anushka Khalid

Title: Untitled

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 6 x 7 feet

Anusha Khalid’s paintings have a monumental quality to them; she paints large-scale portraits with wide brush strokes to capture an emotion, a memory or the personality of her muse. Anushka’s work revolves around the uncomfortable state of a person at the moment when he or she acknowledges that he is being observed by someone. That is the moment his eyes meet the eyes of the observer.

8) Shehzil Raza

Title: A fatty’s highs and lows
Medium: Linocut on Paper

Size: 20 inches by 68 inches

Shehzil’s work is about the struggle of an oversized person. How an overweight person tries hard to get accepted by the society. She doesn’t want to narrow it down to one particular society or culture but believes that this is true for almost everywhere. There is always a social order and a constant struggle to fit in with an overweight person. This work is really personal to Shehzil,“This particular work of mine was based on humorous illustrations because when I was really fat, that’s how I dealt with my situation I believe it hurts less if people laugh with you rather than laughing at you”.

9) Noreen Jahan

Title: Transcend

Medium: Bricks (installation)

Size: 10’X20’

Artist S

With close observation and sensitive process, Noreen tries to transform ordinary materials into something extraordinary. The goal is to make people look more carefully at the world around them, to discover beauty in the ordinary materials of daily life. For this particular piece, Noreen chooses to use ordinary bricks. She treats and arranges these materials in such a way that they are experiential, interactive and visually moving.

10) Jahanzaib Haroon

Title: We performed outside in Technicolor

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 32 x 32.5 inches

The work derived from the act of people watching; from which one gains the pleasure of disconnecting from this world to better engage with it. We look from within at the outside world, noticing and picking up on the peculiarities of others and with the help of those idiosyncrasies, painting a picture and imagining the stories of those we observe. However, in our ‘flânerie’ and our everyday life, our experiences are filtered, cropped and skewed – our experiences no matter how factual we considered them to be, are in fact subjective and tainted with our own personal flair.

11) Sana Jafri

Seek and hide


15ft x 5ft x 6.5ft

In Sana’s installation the viewer opens a door into another world; A hidden room/closet, full of wonder and mystique, a new object or article at every corner to grab your attention. In this work, ordinary settings and familiar places are transformed into dreamlike vistas. Tapping the subconscious, questioning the way we see ourselves and the world around us.

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